Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
Due to the high demand and the rapid implementation of the last object financing, we are able to present to you a new edition of the crisis-proof "ImmoTrading GmbH Betonaktie" - 3 year house.
With its business partner CPI Immobilien GmbH, ImmoTrading GmbH offers a crises-and investment-proof investment option with tailor-made investment solutions and a guaranteed return of 6% return in the form of this concrete piece.

Private investors, funds and foundations have the opportunity to invest their assets directly and uncomplicated, regardless of stock markets and stock market speculation, by means of flexible and tailor-made investments in Wiener Wohnimmobilien.
The previous property could be financed within 3 weeks!
With a three-year participation from € 100,000 upwards in a revitalization project (interest houses - largely from the start-up period) to a project community, which a Wiener Wohnimmobilie acquires.
After the end of the project period, the investor will receive the invested capital plus guaranteed interest with the possibility to buy out of the project community and to take over this property-owned rental / income property entirely from the project community.
Information about the current object:
The current concrete section - 3 Jahreshaus, 1020 Vienna, Stuwerstrasse 60, is a historically valuable corner tenement house from the start-up period, which is being renovated and extended in style. The property is distinguished by its excellent expansion potential and the enormous potential of existing lease contracts.
The total investment amounts to EUR 9.2 million, of which EUR 2.7 million is the equity of the development company. Investment period: 30.06.2017 - 30.06.2020
Do not hesitate to request non-binding documents, such as:
· Exposé
· Information document
· Investment calculation
· Purchase offer
· Fiduciary agreement
· Notary Notary & General Conditions of Contract
· Special perfection
As well as other documents such as e.g. Company agreement, company book extracts and fair value reports.
ImmoTrading GmbH will gladly arrange a non-binding consultation with the project managers.
Registrations or inquiries will be accepted at or
I look forward to your inquiry!
Robert Hauer
ImmoTrading GmbH Hungary
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