Hungary and Budapest is an interesting target 

for investment in the Central European region

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Hungary Economy 2017-10-06:
Budapest presented itself as an attractive destination in the Central European region for international real estate development and investment, as one of the most successful and competitive capitals of the region. The Budapest delegation presented the Budapest Liget Project at the largest real estate fair in Europe, EXPO REAL in Munich in October 2017, alongside the state and municipal projects as well as the real estate development projects of the leading market players. The Smart Liget system for the City Park was first presented to the international audience at EXPO REAL.
Budapest is surrounded by growing investment awareness, which, of course, increases the interest of foreign investors in corresponding profitable return projects, some of which are unexpectedly sold at an unexpected rate. More and more priority investments are taking place in the city of Budapest and even in the whole Hungary, according to Balázs Szeneczey, deputy mayor of Budapest's urban development, during the central round table discussion on the day of the opening of the international property fair EXPO REAL.
Investors have played a significant role in the positive development of Budapest
"The development of the Hungarian real estate market is recognized on an international level, as there are exceptionally strong urban development and investment activities," stresses Balázs Szeneczey, Deputy Mayor of Urban Development. After many years, Hungary returned to the international real estate development fair to show the development possibilities of public and private finance in various forms to investors, which have a significant influence on the skyline of the city.
The successful investment moves in 2017 focused on Hungary, the expansion of the market for real estate investments and the megaprojects, which make Hungary even more tourist and investment targets, demonstrate the correctness of these efforts to create an investor-friendly environment.
Significant hotel developments are taking place: Hungary and above all Budapest is experiencing a historic year in tourism with good purchasing power. All this confirms Budapest as a successful city and Hungary as a competitive country, said the deputy mayor of Budapest.
Recent research data from the largest real estate consultant confirm an upward trend
This is demonstrated by the latest research data from the CBRE exhibitor at the Budapest stand. The world's largest property consultants point to the data evaluation of the first nine months of 2017. Investors spent nearly 1.4 billion euros in the Hungarian commercial real estate investment market.
The expectation is that the outstanding volume of the year 2016 (EUR 1.54 billion) can be surpassed... According to market segments, 41% of total sales accounted for both the office and the end-consumer market in the first nine months of 2017, while the remaining 18% concerned the industrial real estate market.
It is assumed that the value of the market for real estate investments of 2016-2017 can exceed the 3 billion euro mark, which represents a record high in liquidity. Thanks to economic growth since 2012, Hungary is a growing factor in real estate investment in the Central and Eastern Europe region.
Hungary's economic growth and the stability of the country is conducive to investment
The President of the National Investment Agency (HIPA) Esik Robert stressed that the EXPO REAL is an excellent platform to contact the potential investors to find the time to start real estate development projects in Hungary, whether in the field of industrial or office investment. The aim of Hungary is to promote not only traditional investments in the production and services industry but also to find as many investors as are interested in the development of industrial real estates or office buildings.
The phase of economic growth and stability is conducive for investments. At present, HIPA is responsible for more than a hundred companies that are investigating Hungary as the next investment opportunity.
These companies plan to invest 8 billion dollars and create 22,000 new jobs, according to the HIPA chairman.
The ImmoTrading GmbH Managing Director, Gernot Hannesschläger, is able to follow these assessments with his real estate agency ImmoTrading GmbH, headquartered in Vienna, with a branch office in Budapest, offering more than 100 properties of ​​yield and commercial real estate, as well as luxury / investment real estate (www.immotrading.at) in Hungary and Austria.
The Hungarian investor index shows rising values
Takács Ernő, President of the largest company in the branch, the Real Estate Developers Association (IFK) said at this round table: "The first day has proved that our stake has reached its goal. Hungary has further strengthened its position in Central and Eastern Europe, in the field of real estate investment."
The Hungarian investor index increased to 48 on the basis of the international RICS survey of real estate companies.
This is the best indicator for the Central and Eastern European region, which is a record in the Hungarian market. In the next two years, investors' interest may persist or continue to rise.
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