Building plot in Biatorbagy is for sale

Property location 
The property is located 20 km from the center of Budapest, on the North of the Road 1, in the vicinity of the intersection of the M0-M1, on the border of Biatorbágy and Budaörs. The distance to the road 1 is 650 m. The area is flat, sloping slightly to the South. Accessible from the 1st road on the so-called at the METRO roundabout intersection, asphalted, provided on both sides with rainwater drainage ditch road. The sub-plot is an industrial site, bounded on the East by the protective forest of Budaörs Industrial Park. Across the street is the Premier Outlets Center.

Legal points 
The 133,882 sqm inner area is recorded as a vacant area in the real estate register and is unencumbered. The owners are private individuals.

Terms of use
The terms of use of the area are determined by the building code adopted in 2002 by the board of the municipality of Biatorbágy. Accordingly, in the area in the design of the land min. 50 m plot width and min. 5,000 sqm plot size to be secured. In the field, commercial, service or environmentally friendly buildings of industrial purpose may be constructed so that their size may not exceed 12 m and the ratio of built-in area may not exceed 30%. The area is bounded in the south according to the current plans by the M0 motorway.

Water supply, sewage and rainwater drainage
The water supply of the area is ensured by Biatorbágy, which is connected to the system of the Bicskei Regionális Vízművek and the Fővárosi Vízművek, as a continuation of the pipeline network, which is to be built in parallel with the access road. Wastewater discharge can be realized by connecting it to the large-capacity sewerage system built in 1994 and supplying the area of Budapest, on a similar route. The rainwater drainage can be carried out in accordance with the regulations plan in the Füzes stream led by the already established rainwater pipe.

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