Evaluation of the real estate market for buyers from Russia and Ukraine

According to the consulting company Mercer, also 2017 there is no city with a higher quality of life than in Vienna. 
The published study "Quality of Living" ranks Austria's capital at the first place for the seventh time, ahead of Zurich (Switzerland) and Auckland (New Zealand). 39 factors were analysed, bundled into ten categories, which were regarded as relevant for the inhabitants of a city.
Some important points were: political stability and personal development opportunities, low crime rate, water quality, sports, leisure, cultural and shopping facilities, medicine and schools, etc.
A total of 230 cities were compared.
On the Viennese real estate market there is currently a continuously high demand for real estate investments.
The reason for such a demand comes mainly from the high inflow of population.
Only in 2015 the population increase in Vienna (according to Statistics Austria) amounted to 2.39%. In absolute terms, this corresponds to a plus of 42889 persons.
Extract from the Statistical Yearbook of the City of Vienna (www.wien.gv.at)
Country:                       2010            2016
Russian Federation: 8491            14681
Ukraine:                       2686            5293
From these figures alone it is clear that in the last 6 years the population inflow from Russia was 72%. It should also be mentioned that some of the persons from these two states have already received Austrian citizenship.
 Due to the good flight connection Moscow - Vienna the ticket prices are low and the offer is great. Only Aeroflot flies to Vienna 3 times a day.
From Ukraine the population inflow was even more distinct, 97%. Which means almost a doubling in the last 6 years.
Also the flight connection Kiev - Vienna is excellent.
Just a few years ago, it was the upper class of Russia, which chose Vienna as a place of residence for the family. Recently, growing interest to Austrian real estate could be noticed from middle class of Moscow and Kiev, which appreciates high quality of life in Vienna.
In Vienna, an interesting Russian society is increasingly establishing, the members of which you can often meet during economic and social events.
Examples of these are the Moscow Ball in Hofburg (former residence of the Habsburgs), which has celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016. In the centre of this event is the cultural link between the two capital cities - Vienna and Moscow.
The Embassy of Russian Federation headed by Ambassador LJUBNSKIJ Dmitry makes a valuable contribution to mutual communication between the two countries.
In 2017, there was also launched a project “Russian-Austrian Tourism Year”. More information can be found on the website of the Russian Embassy www.austria.mid.ru , see also "Joint Declaration on the Execution of a Tourism Year Russia-Austria 2017 ". The aim is to deepen the friendship between the two countries.

Development for 2017 and interesting real estate projects in Vienna

We expect a consistently high demand for apartments in good city locations. In the inner city of Vienna, housing construction is intensified. This means houses are being refurbished, built up and the attics are being converted into the penthouses.
Particularly noteworthy is the new design of Schwedenplatz and Morzinplatz. The competition contribution of a Munich office "Realgrün" was declared as a winner.
Deputy Mayor Maria Vassilakou: "The Schwedenplatz gets a new face. The Schwedenplatz will offer more greenery, a better overview and more space. " The start of construction will begin in 2018.
New projects are also being built around Stadtpark and the Stadtring. Worth mentioning here are Palace Residences and complete restoration of the building in Schellinggasse 7, where ImmoTrading is a sales partner.
InterContinental Hotel and the Vienna Ice Skating Federation are also likely to be involved in projects in 2017.
Под названием «Haymarket New» город Вена представил план реконструкции Венского клуба катания на коньках, отеля InterContinental и венского концертного дома. (См. Также пресс-релиз Stadt Wien, 13.12.2016)
Так важно и не забывать - это большой проект развития в районе Нового центрального железнодорожного вокзала.
Вена получает новый квартал города с квартирами, школьным кампусом, большой автостоянкой, а также офисными зданиями и многочисленными магазинами.
Группировка жилищ вокруг парка площадью 7 гектаров обеспечивает высокое качество жизни. Есть около 5000 квартир для более чем 13 000 человек.
Кроме того, есть три жилая башня с 346 2- 6 современных-комнатные квартиры, расположенный прямо на большом зеленая зона Швейцарского сад, Ботанический сад и сады Бельведера. ImmoTrading также является партнером по продажам.
Существует стильный бутик-отель с 300 номерами.
Это означает, что в 2017 году году году и в ближайшие годы венский рынок недвижимости хочет получить дополнительную привлекательность благодаря интересным проектам.
ImmoTrading хочет продолжать сообщать о интересных проектах в Вене и Австрии.