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Bendeguz Kovacs, translator

DUBAI, the booming real estate market

Local inspection in October 2017 in Dubai

Russians are flying back to Austria

Russian Embassy shares: Increase in overnight stays of Russians in Austria

Real estate market in Austria for East Europeans

According to the consulting company Mercer, also 2017 there is no city with a higher quality of life than in Vienna. 

Russians and Chinese snatch the real estates from under the Hungarians nose

We should not believe that the real estate prices skyrocket just because of the peculiarities of the Hungarian economy. Thousands keep the flat prices high in order to prepare for the buying of rich foreigners. And all those people having arrived with residency bonds for non-EU citizens do not deceive hopes.

Development of Real Estate in Hungary

Due to a stable governmental situation in Hungary, it has a good climate on the investment and real estate market.

Austria - a land of contrasts, the heart of Europe

Viennese Ball and Wiener Würstlstandl, the Golden Quarter in the heart of Vienna and the Wienerwald - Austria is renowned for its versatility, attracting tourists from all over the world.

Big investors put a stake on real estate

Large-scale investors want to invest cash reserves in infrastructure

Hungary is the target country for investments

The performance of the Hungarian economy seems to be internationally recognized in 2016 and has really had a reason for a triumphant success: On May 20, 2016, the London-based rating agency Fitch Ratings lifted the credit rating of the Hungarian government debt to BBB with a stable outlook, what stands for an average good investment.