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Chancen für ausländische Investoren am Wohnungsmarkt in Ungarn

Calculated based on purchase prices and rental income, gross yields in Budapest are among the highest compared to other international cities, making Hungary's capital city still an interesting location for those looking to invest in residential real estate.

In the fields grows the stream

Photovoltaics is a great thing, but it needs a lot of space. Do we even have that? This is a much-discussed question when it comes to renewable energy. After all, you can't cover entire suitable landscapes with photovoltaic plants.

Erneuter deutlicher Preisanstieg auf dem angespannten Bodenmarkt

In 2022, the average price of agricultural land per hectare increased by 11 percent, a similar rate to previous years, exceeding the psychological limit of two million forints, but vines and orchards became much more expensive.

Rentner-Flucht nach Ungarn: Deutsche wandern aus – wegen Geld und Politik

In Hungary, the cost of living is lower compared to Germany. Real estate and food costs are significantly lower. For example, lake Balaton is a popular destination.

Hungary must restore the abolished usufruct / pocket contracts for EU citizens

The property rights to Hungarian agricultural land, which were seized from foreigners and legal entities years ago, will be re-registered in the land register. The state will also pay compensation to the victims. 

Ungarn verzeichnete in den letzten 7 Jahren den höchsten Anstieg der Immobilienpreise in der EU

House prices in Hungary in 2021 were 2.1 times higher than in 2015, registering the highest increase within EU countries.

Budapest among the most liveable cities in the EU?!

According to the latest Eurostat statistics, Budapest overtakes several European metropolises in terms of living standards.

Dubai promotes retirement visa program for over-55s

The five-year retirement visa allows Dubai residents and citizens from around the world to live in the emirate if they meet some criteria.

the tendency to come from Western Europe to Hungary will continue

not because of the standard of living, but because of the quality of life, which means more than income. 

The most luxury districts of Budapest

Despite COVID-19 there are still areas of Budapest where property prices are not only dropping but are still on the rise.

Hungary is a land of opportunity for investors

Located in the heart of Central Europe, Hungary presents investors with great opportunities with substantial returns. The government is working hard to create jobs and open up the nation to the world.

Strong demand for waterfront properties

Landplots on the waterfront on the banks of Danube and Velence, Tisza and Fertő lakes are attracting great interest of customers. Property prices are stable despite the coronavirus epidemic. 

Hungary is the top investment destination in the region

according to the American magazine "Site Selection", which has given the country the top rate in its global "Best to Invest" ranking for the 3rd time in a row - reports the news agency MTI.

Looking for a good place of investment?

Real estate prices started to decrease in Budapest, but not in towns in the countryside. This means that the price difference between flats in Budapest and countryside towns will diminish.

Real estate trends in Budapest

Chinese citizens are on the top , they bought most of the property in Budapest, 52.3% of all sales to foreigners. Kőbánya is the new Chinatown!

Budapest – Remarkable boost in the real estate market

The most expensive property price per square meter in Budapest. Where?

DUBAI, the booming real estate market

Local inspection in October 2017 in Dubai

Russians are flying back to Austria

Russian Embassy shares: increase in overnight stays of Russians in Austria

Real estate market in Austria for East Europeans

According to the consulting company Mercer, in 2017 Vienna is again a city with the highest quality of life. 

Austria, a land of contrasts in the heart of Europe

Viennese Ball and Wiener Würstlstandl, the Golden Quarter in the heart of Vienna and the Wienerwald - Austria is renowned for its versatility, attracting tourists from all over the world.

Big investors put a stake on real estate

Large-scale investors want to invest cash reserves in infrastructure

Hungary is the target country for investments

The performance of the Hungarian economy seems to be internationally recognized in 2016.