Austria, a land of contrasts in the heart of Europe

Viennese Ball and Wiener Würstlstandl, the Golden Quarter in the heart of Vienna and the Wienerwald - 
Austria is renowned for its versatility, attracting tourists from all over the world.
St. Stephan's Cathedral and the Hofburg on the one hand and the most modern shopping streets Graben and Kohlmarkt ... The rich history of this small Alpine country does not prevent it from being one of the most modern and advanced countries in Europe.
Viennese cafes where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with apple strudel, and ski areas that invite you to go skiing and snowboarding... All of this makes you wonder if my place is here?
Anyone who has ever been to Austria and stayed at the Grand Hotel, Marriott, Kempinski or Hyatt thought about how to start a company in Austria... ? Or to own a chalet in the ski resort, or to live in a penthouse in the center of charming Vienna. And wondered why he or she just feels so well here? ...
... Because Austria is a former Austro-Hungarian monarchy, with many peoples with Slavic roots. Hotels, apartments, offices and shopping centers - we can also help you to invest in commercial real estate in Budapest.
Many people think about retirement in Austria. But the young business people have also many opportunities for immigration in this wonderful country and obtaining of a residence permit by investing in real estate.
One of the main directions is investing in interest houses and hotels. The operative business is also being acquired in Austria (supermarket, shopping center, restaurant). You can also entrust the management company with business management.
Allow yourself to enjoy life while you get the passive income from renting your property.
Education at school or at a university in Austria is a good investment in your future and is also a reason to obtain a residence permit.
High quality of life in Austria is offered by reliable bank deposits at favorable interest rates for loans.
Real estate in Austria is very interesting in all its diversity: a chalet in the ski resort of Tyrol, Salzburg, Kitzbuehel is just as attractive for foreign investors as villas and apartments in the most prestigious districts of Vienna - 19., 18., 13.
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