Real estate trends in Budapest

In Hungary the number of property purchases by foreigners has increased steadily in recent years. According to in 2017 there were 3,206 properties purchased, in 2018, the number of property sales rose to 3,529 and totally 3,753 properties were sold in 2019.
This data shows as well that 395 properties owned by foreigners were bought by a foreigner. The data reports include EU citizens into the "Other" category, as the data breakdown in Budapest shows.
Budapest is the most demanding destination

According to data of 2019, Hungary's capital is still the most popular among foreign buyers. Hence, 2,896 properties were acquired in Budapest.

Data provided allows the precise breakdown

The inner districts of Budapest are the most popular ones among the buyers. The Budapest sales date gives a closer look at all nations who have acquired real estate in the capital. Most of the properties were sold / bought in the 7th district, the smallest district of Budapest. Out of the 470 houses, 162 were sold to Chinese, 145 to Israeli, 102 to EU, and 17 to the Russian citizens.

The most popular districts of Budapest among buyers

The second most popular district of Budapest is the 6th district with 356 apartments sold to foreign buyers. The third place is occupied by the 8th district with 308 property sales.
Chinese citizens are on the top of the ranking. They bought most of the property, 52.3% of all sales to foreigners; 22% sold to EU citizens; 10.6% to Israelis; 4.4% to Russians; 1.9% to Turks.

Kőbánya is the new Chinatown of Budapest

Chinese buyers prefer the 10th, where they bought / sold 189 properties. This is not surprising as Kőbánya is the Monori center of Budapest, also known as the new Chinatown, where many Chinese companies have their offices. Based on the listing, the silver medal goes to the 7th district (162 properties) and the bronze medal to the 13th district (156 properties).

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