Strong demand for waterfront properties

Landplots on the waterfront on the banks of Danube and Velence, Tisza and Fertő lakes are attracting great interest of customers. Property prices are stable despite the coronavirus epidemic - reports the news agency MTI.
OTP Ingatlanpont says that prices in Budapest vary widely, with the most expensive waterfront properties being in the 5th district. Here a view of the river can increase the value of a flat by 20-25%. The average price per square meter is 980,000 forints (2,771 euro). In the 10th district, the price per square meter for apartments by the river rose from 350,000 forints (992 euro) to 430,000 forints (1,220 euro).
Around the Fertő lake the prices are lower than in nearby Sopron. New buildings are more expensive, but the property prices on the second market are subdued.

Source: ungarnheute.hu