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Hungarian family and house subsidies also for emigrant families

Various government ordinances regulate support for young Hungarian families. These family-friendly subsidies are also applicable to EU citizens and young emigrant families with children in Hungary. The CSOK can be used by persons who fulfil the personal and other conditions of Government Decree 16/2016 and on this basis conclude a contract with a Hungarian bank (which offers these support programmes) to receive the support. The applicant's spouse and partner are also considered applicants.
The family home construction subsidy could be granted only to young married couples in which at least one person has not yet reached the age of 40 at the time of application. The CSOK can be applicable for married couples and civil partners regardless of age, as well as for people with children (families or single parents). In addition to Hungarian citizens, the following non-Hungarian citizens can also benefit from the family home construction subsidy or the family home construction subsidy granted in advance: a citizen of an EU-member-state who fulfils the requirements set out in Government Regulation 16/2016:
- a foreign person with immigration or settlement status from a third country who also meets the requirements set out in Government Decree 16/2016. 
- non-Hungarian citizens may be granted the CSOK for the duration of their residence permit if it is issued for more than three months and they have a registered residency in Hungary.
In the case of joint applicants - unless the regulation makes an exception - both applicants must fulfill the conditions and both applicants must submit the declarations. Banks whose financial services offerings include these support programs are accepting applications based on amended rules effective September 16, 2016. Since September 16, 2016, the conditions for claiming the CSOK as well as the subsidized loans for families with three or more children and the tax refund have changed.
Government Decree 16/2016 (II.10.) provides information on subsidies for the construction and purchase of new housing, while Government Decree 17/2016 (II.10.) provides information on family housing subsidies for the purchase and extension of second-hand housing. Young families with one or more children who are considering emigrating to Hungary due to the family-friendly policies of the Hungarian government (due to the current cultural upheavals in Western European countries) can contact the relevant Hungarian embassy and request information on the following (whether you are entitled to receive family-friendly support in accordance with Government Decree 16/2016 (II.10, 17/2016 (II.10.)).