DUBAI, the booming real estate market

Local inspection in October 2017 in Dubai
For many private real estate investors, the question is whether it makes sense to invest in Dubai.
The advantages:
- Dubai will host the World's Fair 2020: EXPO 2020 Dubai
- Dubai is currently building the largest airport in the world: Dubai World Central Al Maktoum International. This will give the city and the entire United Arab Emirates an extra boost.
- Dubai has a pleasant climate, especially in winter
- Dubai has the most modern infrastructure and the highest standard of living
- Dubai has an extremely low crime rate
- Dubai has an excellent legal system that secures the purchase of real estate
How to buy a property in Dubai?
First, you should be clear what you want (classify).
Do you want to use a property as a holiday home for your own use or as a rental property for renting out?
Holiday properties
Dubai has many vacation properties to offer. ImmoTrading recommends especially the areas in Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach and Palm Jumeirah.
The infrastructure is very sophisticated and the beautiful sandy beach invites you to swim and relax.
JBR Walk is Dubai's best place for outdoor shopping and gourmet beachfront dining.
The new project "Dubai Eye" is now being created right next to the beach, on its own peninsula.

Photo 1: Dubai Eye
Cheap condos
ImmoTrading newly offers renovated condominiums in JBR, which can be purchased very cheaply. These can be used both for own use and for temporary rental. Here the internet service manager Airbnb or similar offers can be used, which will help you to find tenants in no time.
More information about Shams1 can be found on our website, under the link:

Photos 2-4: Shams1

Foto 2: Shams 1 Ausblick Dubai Marina
Shams1 Outlook Dubai Marina

Foto 3: Shams 1 Außenfassade

Shams1 Outer facade

Foto 4: Shams 1 Schlafzimmer

Shams1 Bedroom

Luxury apartments right on the beach
If you want something more luxurious, we can recommend a new project right on the beach. This project is unique because it is the last free plot by the sea.
Also you can find more information on our website:

JBR1 Aktuelles Baustellenfoto
Photo 5: JBR1 Current picture from the site 

Luxury villas on Palm Jumeirah
If you do not want to live in a complex of buildings, we recommend a villa on the Palm Jumeirah.
Here the prices are settled in the highest segment. For a modern villa with beach access one will have to pay about 10 million euros. Otherwise, from the villa you have a unique view of the skyline of Dubai.

Foto 6: Skyline Dubai von Palm
Photo 6: Dubai Skyline from the Palm
In addition you get a quiet location and the certainty that the villa is situated in a very special place in the world. The Palm is often referred to as the 8th wonder of the world.
The Palm Jumeirah has 560 hectares and consists of three sections: The Trunk, The Palm Fronds, and The Crescent.
The exclusive villas are built on "the Fronds", right on the beach.
Private island
If you are looking for something special, we still have an island for you.
Here you have to go out with a boat. From the mainland you can reach the island in about 15 minutes. It is part of the project "The World", which is being built off the coast of Dubai.
More information on our page:

Photo 7: The World Island Resort
Service apartments in a hotel
For those who would like to have a combination of vacation and income real estate, we recommend service apartments in a hotel complex. The hotel organizes the rental and you have no management headache.
Off-plan real estate projects
If you want to earn money on the rapidly growing real estate market, you should invest in off-plan real estate projects. The main benefit is that buyers receive a 10% - 30% discount on the total price, thus rewarding the future-oriented property buyers.
Where to start?
Above all, it is important to select the optimal developer and the right project. Here you should absolutely look out for the advice of an experienced real estate consultant, such as ImmoTrading GmbH. Because only the right project at the right location guarantees a good investment later on.
The impartial regulatory system of the Dubai Land Department protects the buyer very well. The developers have to observe strict laws and regulations, which is a great advantage as they protect the interests of buyers, says the CEO of ImmoTrading, during an interview at the Dubai International Property Show.
If you begin to look only on site, it is almost impossible to find the right project. In Dubai alone, more than 1000 property developers are active. To keep track here is more like going to the casino.
Therefore, ImmoTrading offers its customers only projects from the major players, which have also successfully developed comparable projects in the past. We are exclusive partners of the biggest companies in the market. Especially interesting are the projects directly at the Dubai Creek and at the new airport.
To sum up, we can say:
Buying a property in Dubai is definitely profitable and a great way for every buyer to spread their investments, as well as to take advantage of the opportunities of an economically exclusive country.
Act quickly to buy an affordable property in Dubai now!